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How do you feel when you experience a “downer” attitude with someone you know or meet?  Does it bring you down, too?  Do you want to find a reason to get away?  To avoid that person in the future?

Positive Attitude in the Everyday Leader

As an Everyday Leader, we strive for people to feel comfortable when interacting with us.

We have the power and potential to set and influence the tone of our day at work, school, home, as well as in social settings. The adage “Happiness is contagious” does stem from optimism. We can dictate the tone of everyone’s day or evening; not just our own.

Optimism impacts relationships. When we are optimistic, we spread good cheer and are more approachable.

Positive Expectations
In addition to setting the tone in family, friendship, and even work relationships, optimism gives us the power of positive expectations. Worry about a relationship ending and it is as if this will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Take on being secure and confident, and just watch your connections and network thrive. Being optimistic in your ability to resolve conflict and problem solve together will make for a happier, healthier relationship.

Can you Overdo Positive Attitude?
It is perfectly normal to get upset and frustrated. We can’t control negative feelings of frustration.  But an Everyday Leader will accept that they are there, will take appropriate action, and move on with their day.

Staying too high on positivity gives the idea that negative feelings should be suppressed.  There are times that we need to acknowledge a negative incident, a negative emotional reaction and the feeling of anger or shame that comes with it.  But, there is no value in allowing it to linger and stop us from our daily goals.  By taking the actions we want, the negativity will gradually subside on its own.

An Everyday Leader knows it is perfectly acceptable to get frustrated and move on just as quickly. When an Everyday Leader gracefully navigates life’s ups and downs, other people are positively impacted, as well. When you are “real”, you invite other people to do the same.

The gift that you downloaded, “Everyday Leadership – 10 Key Skills to Increase Your Value and Impact”, is not about Leadership Style. Rather, it is about a common set of skills that are independent of Leadership Style. I encourage you to review the section on “Positive Attitude”.

Imagine who you can be in a year if you learned and practiced just one skill per month. That’s only 10 months with two spare months to work on two skills that you didn’t master as well as you would have liked.