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We may have heard many times in life that our success relies on setting a good goal. The goal could be anything! Seeking a better lifestyle, more health, starting a business, starting a family, or anything you want to achieve. Goals provide us with a purpose and an objective and allow us a clear path to embark upon our visions. We can visualize our goals and then work to implement the changes necessary to bring about profound shifts in our life.

It can be very helpful to envision what we want so that we can clearly see how it will impact our life and our future self. We can see in our minds first that which we wish to see in the material world.

Creating Your Future

Visualization the title of a technique that involves creating a mental picture or image of a future event. When we visualize an outcome we want to produce, we can start to see the opportunities that come our way and we can capitalize on these available options when they are presented. When we envision an idea for a future we want to experience, we can feel and see the outcome, and we are inspired and more motivated to pursue the goal of making it happen.

The practice of visualization is more than just hoping and wishing for things to change in our life. We must actively participate in the visualization and believe it is a pathway to help us achieve our dreams.

Visualization can help us in the quality and performance of tasks we undertake every day, or it can be a practice we do to learn a new skill or to dream about a big life change we want to make.

We can apply the technique to various goals and dreams and can begin to live into our dreams on a daily basis.

If we want to land a new career or dream job, it is important to envision yourself on your first day of work, showing up excited and energized ad ready to get to work and create an impact.

  • You might envision yourself nailing your interview and really resonating with the mission and vision of the company and connecting with your interviewer.
  • You may also envision yourself receiving your first paycheck from your new job which pays you at a higher rate than your previous workplace.
  • You can even envision a celebratory dinner that you can take yourself or friends and family to from the check you just cashed and all the hard work you’ve put in. You want to connect with the experience and the people you can enjoy your successes with. This will be the best motivation for following through with your visualization.
  • You may want to write down your goal and then translate this into imagery like a slideshow or even a mental movie. Get as detailed as possible and get into the emotion of the experience.

We all come up against obstacles and mental blocks, and sometimes we hit a wall with our imagination. This is a great parallel for real life when we often come up against blocks or other deterrents.

When we have visualized our successes thoroughly, we are prepared for the next phase whatever it brings and we ca remain confident that we have done all we can to prepare for our experience. When visualization is practiced repeatedly it can bring great experiences to our lives.

Sometimes we just need to break the goals down into a step by step process that can help move us closer to achieving our dreams and taking action each day.